Jon Burke Talk – Programmer from Bethesda


Who: John Burke
When: Monday, March 3 @ 7:00pm – 8:00pm
Where: TSU Alvarado (CSUF)


Jon Burke of Bethesda and an alumi to CSUF will be speaking in the TSU Alvarado about working as a Programmer in the game industry and giving us some insight that may help you get that first job.

As a little background about him:
– Currently works as a Programmer at Bethesda Softworks
– Previously worked as a Senior Programmer at Obsidian Entertainment for 5+ year
– Graduated from CSUF

Be sure to prepare questions before you come!
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GDC 2015 Update

We have chosen the following 8 people to attend the 2015 GDC based on their submitted applications and resume: Alison Hy, Emily Chiang, Hongseob Lee, Jacob Hawkinson, Joshua Edmonds, Kien Nguyen, Lily Russel, and Mathew Kelly.

We will be leaving March 3rd and returning March 6th.

We will update this post to give you a full recap oh what happened during the trip and what each of us learned.


Meeting Minutes 2/11/2015

Meeting: VGDC General Meeting
Wednesday February 11, 2015, 7:30pm – 8:30pm
TSU Ontiveros-ABC

  1. Officers and members introduced themselves.
  2. Talked about GDC, we can take up to 8 people, proposals are due by the 24th. More information HERE.
  3. The transition has been a bit rocky so far, but things are coming together.
  4. Blizzard Tour, working in conjunction with the Pencil Mileage Club, can take up to 12 people, will be on April 9th from 2pm to 3pm.
  5. Game Jam, will be 2 weeks after GDC, mid to late march. Room has not been decided yet.
  6. John Burke of Bethesda, formally of Obsidian, and CSUF Alumni, may be coming down on March 2nd, most likely at night.
  7. Intend to have more workshops focused on game design, including the possibility of another Unity workshop, as well as a semester long project we can all work on as a means to learn the software. We’ll likely do a poll on what kind of game we’ll do.
  8. Artists should not be discouraged from being an active member of the club, because we need artists. Most programmers can’t draw!

Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 25th, at 7:30pm in room TuffreeAB of the TSU